Relocating For a Better Future

After years of being in a subprime location, Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union’s team decided it was time to relocate to a new area. The credit union purchased a new site in a neighborhood that was filled with opportunity for growth and an opportunity to give members a new and exciting impression of the Bayer Heritage brand. Not only was this a chance to geographically position the credit union in a much better way for years to come, but it also gives Bayer Heritage leverage to reinvent itself as it’s already started doing.


  • Build: New Construction
  • Install: ITMs
  • Install: Welcome Wall
  • Experience: Tech Bar
  • Experience: Interactive Lounge

"I don't have much experience with construction; however, you made this process seamless. I believe La Macchia Group sets a standard in the industry that no other can reach. I have enjoyed this process and learned a lot."


Crafting a Tech-friendly experience

Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union wanted to continue its streak of delivering a high-tech experience with a retail style delivery in this brick-and-mortar location. Like Summerville, having a forward-thinking design concept with technology integration was important and no easy feat as this credit union strives to streamline its brand while creating unique spaces and experiences for its membership. Learn about the kinds of technology solutions that Vivalociti, La Macchia Group’s newest division, provided on this project:

  • Welcome Wall: Upon entry, members and staff are greeted by a bright and inviting digital Welcome Wall equipped with custom, branded content.
  • Touch Table: An interactive touch table is located in the center of the lobby for members to sit down at and explore. The touch table is also installed with custom content, games and is equipped with resource and educational information.
  • Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs): These self-serving machines were installed in lieu of traditional teller lines. This allows staff to interact with their members in a more casual and personal way. Although this location is in Ohio, its call center is in West Virginia to support the ITMs.

Design that embraces culture and brand

Updating this Ohio-based credit union to have a more modern and true-to-culture look and feel was critical for the Bayer Heritage team as they continue streamlining the brand. Our designers wanted the establishment of a brand-to-branch consistency; integrating materials that signify different areas of hierarchy in the branch from location to location. The Zanesville location was an extension of Summerville with the application of materials that felt true to the client’s brand and cultural values. This brand and its values will not only attract great talent to fuel the credit union’s spirit, but it will retain its member base for generations to come.