C&F Bank - Charlottesville

For nearly a century, C&F Bank has stood by their customers to help them achieve their financial goals. With a foundation built around strategic growth, innovation, and bold steps forward, C&F Bank has become a regional powerhouse that continues to reinvest in the future of their community.

After many years of fast growth, C&F Bank sought to standardize the branding throughout their network of more than 30 branches while they evolved to a universal banking model to better serve their customers and continue to reinforce their mission of "focused on you". C&F Bank wanted a new design that could help them transform their brand image, attracting a younger demographic and evolving how customers interact with them.

To get them started, a network-wide market analysis identified which of their branches could benefit most from a transformation, determining an order of priority and the level of investment that made the most sense for updating the facilities.


  • Install: Welcome Wall
  • Add'tl Service: Vivalociti
  • Build: Interior build-out
  • Add'tl Service: Market Study

Charlottesville was selected as the best location to start with, serving as a prototype for the new standardized design - a design that would be "kitted", scaled and rolled out to the other locations. In Charlottesville, La Macchia's team incorporated the new design into the architecture, fixtures, and furniture. Pops of brand colors were strategically placed throughout the space while keeping the rest of the facility neutral, allowing the branch to evolve easily in the future. The thoughtful placement of digital displays allows for market-specific content that intensifies the brand experience and engages customers from the moment they enter.