Dow Credit Union

Dow Credit Union has been fulfilling a vision of financial prosperity for all in their community since 1938. Providing real service with real smiles is who Dow strives to be in the golden state of California.

Dow was yearning to get out of its old leased space and into a building that could better support its members and staff. The credit union purchased an existing building in Antioch, California which provided a path for growth in a new area.

With the footprint of the building already established, this posed an exciting design challenge for La Macchia Group (the company that powers Vivalociti). The interior build-out and technology implementation required close collaboration between the La Macchia Group and Vivalociti teams that brought Dow's brand to life within the plain white walls of the space.


  • Install: Integrated displays for teller pods
  • Install: Branded Single Digital Display
  • Install: ITMs

"Our members and staff love our new facility and I couldn't be more satisfied that La Macchia Group was able to deliver on all of their promises even with the challenges that tested them in the year 2020."


Dow wanted their members to feel immediately welcomed by a branded environment with a modern and sophisticated look. Vivalociti was able to achieve this with the thoughtful implementation of technology to further elevate the design La Macchia Group came up with. They were able to compliment both the brand and the building architecture with these creative solutions.

In addition to the content services provided by Vivalociti, they suggested having Dow Credit Union install digital displays in their teller pods. The goal was to augment product and service advertising as well as show members they're moving into the future by embracing technology.

Now, as members enter the building, they're quickly exposed to an overall aesthetic and level of service that reinforces why they chose Dow as their preferred financial institution.